Legendary Battery Toppers is proud to present a new product to compliment
& enhance your battery topper and battery compartment.


These two terminal posts are made of high quality aluminum & fit directly over your existing battery terminals and secure to the terminal with two allen screws on each terminal. In the past, some customers would enter the unsightly appearance of the terminal posts on the battery being too short for both the topper and the battery cable clamp, thus causing the battery cable clamp to be place above the battery terminal instead of being positioned flushed and level with the battery terminal.

Here is all you do:

  1. Put the terminal extenders on your battery terminals.
  2. Secure the terminal extenders to the battery terminals.
  3. Place the battery topper over the terminal
    (apply poison tag if applicable to your topper model)
  4. Secure battery cable clamps to the terminal extenders
  5. Sit back and enjoy the appearance of your battery compartment and see how nice and finished the terminal extenders make the application look.

MOPAR Topper
with Green Caps
MOPAR Topper
with Red Caps
MOPAR Topper
with Yellow Caps
DC 12 Black Caps
with Yellow "DELCO"
DC 12 Yellow Caps
with Black "DELCO"
DC 12 Yellow Caps
with Yellow "DELCO"
GM AC Delco R-59

The Battery Topper is a simple plastic top that sets over an AC Delco or Sears 24 Series maintenance free, smooth surface, top post battery. It installs in minutes and weighs less than a pound. These toppers are constructed from injection molded plastic for quality and durability. Most importantly they are Licensed General Motors Restoration Products!

The Battery Topper is now available in 4 different GM styles (AC Delco). It creates a "Correct" battery for automobiles that used the GM R-59 (1957 to 1972). You also receive the plastic "poison tag" to go over your battery post. Caution: Please remove or cover your Battery Topper before removing/repairing your carburetor. The contact between gasoline and your Battery Topper may cause damage to the Topper.

Discounts available to car clubs and business for orders over 5.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: money back within 30 dates of purchase, minus the shipping charge. All items are to be sent back in the condition they were sent to you in.

If you order a Battery Topper & Terminal Post Extenders there is NO ADDITIONAL SHIPPING. It is the standard $7.75 to ship your Battery Topper & Terminal Post Extenders together.

Battery Topper:
$59.95 plus $7.75 shipping and handling. Orders shipped out within 24 hours via Priority USPS (United States Postal Service), with confirmation notice.
Terminal Post Extenders:
$29.95 per pair with $7.75 Priority USPS Shipping.

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