CAR FOR SALE!2002 SS Convertible CamaroCAR FOR SALE!

Vehicle has 40K miles
Adult Owned
Stored in Climate Controlled Garage
Regular Maintenance and Service
Purchased from Stephen Chevrolet in Monticello Iowa
Summer 2005 @ 37,635 miles
This Camaro has subtle hand striped pin stripe around hood scoop,
SS badges and door handles
There were a total of 8425 Black 2002 Camaros built
and of that 1292 were convertibles
SS MODELS AS THIS had 346 Cubic Inch with 325(LS1) V8
All Convertible 2002 Camaros were Black in Color
This SS Camaro is being sold to make room for new family interests and hobbies. This Camaro has normal wear and tear as it is a summer driver. The front end does have some rock chips as a result of HWY driving, but nothing extreme or out of the ordinary. This car was bought back from GM as result of a rattle/vibration in the drivers compartment, current owner has not experienced any issues with drivers compartment. Camaro is ready for delivery and summer enjoyment!

Contact Rick at (319) 560-1109
If not available, please leave a message and call will be returned in 24 hours.